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December 2008
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Irishalias [userpic]
Down, you beastly cat!

I wasn't going to post any quizzes, but this particular result just amused me...

<td align="center">You are most attracted to Tetris shapes

You are not really into thinking Nintendo characters are hot. But you are damn addicted to finding a place for all of those shapes…innuendo anyone?

Take this quiz at QuizUniverse.com</td>

I've been found out.

Yeah, I thought Loki was a good name when i suggested it for Corrine's new kitten. Little did I realize how seriously he would take his new calling. That cat is driving me INSANE!! He kept trying to trip me and jump on my back while I was making chili. Later I had to pull his head out of the garbage can and keep him from tearing the trash bag to shreds. I'm also finding various scratches across my body that I assume are his doing. (glare)

Suppose I should do some homework...blah. Maybe I'll just clean the apartment, as it certainly needs it after that party. Trash,leaves, boa feathers, random pieces of abandoned costumes are littered about the apartment. I think the shindig went over well. Our seven deadly sins idea was fun. I think Corrine and Jessica's costumes were the epitome of their characters. And Amanda's envy costume was super cute. Shana's costume was amazing and I got to see Tangee!! Finally got rid of that pitchfork that has been in our apartment for months...a suprising bonus!
Did not, however, come out the victor. I think some combination of antagonists...stress, pizza, alcohol, and more stress...annihilated my stomach or some nearby vital organ. Sunday's cuisine included six friendly stomach tablets, some bacteria-filled yogurt, and bites of garlic bread. Yesterday, wasn't much better...but had an unfriendly test for dessert. I really can't wait until this semester is over and I can just sit in a corner and drool. Drool.

Oh, yeah, and had a birthday. Feels weird to say that since I don't really feel like I had a birthday. But as I took a quiz yesterday, I had to admit it and check the next age range up. When my grandma called she thought I was only 21...old I am, now. 23? Nah, no big deal. The mid-twenties are such ambiguous years, anyway.

Okay, to be productive in some manner or another!
(or maybe I'll just take a nap)

Current Mood: soresore

Shut up, ryan.
Besides, tonight is Gilmore Girls and we plan on purging the testosterone toxins from his body with complex dialogue and an overdose of "feelings."

It's only a matter of days before he returns to his more tranquil persona.


Not the Gilmore Girls!!!!!!!
Poor cat will stop rockin' in no time if you do that. And if not, I'm sure he'll mellow once you have his balls clipped off. *sigh* The tragedy of it all....

P.S.- C'mon! See how hard Blackie rocks.