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Irishalias [userpic]

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Irishalias [userpic]

Bored, work is stagnant.

But I did find something that may prevent the premature marriage of Jessica and/or her paying tons of money for health insurance.


Unfortunately, this old imac has no creative spirit and stubbornly refuses to give me the option for rich text...so no convenient link.

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Irishalias [userpic]

Josh and I got new Chacos this afternoon!


Yea, Chacos.  Mine were dead and shall only be worn now around the house and to the dog park.

But here are my new chacos!

Although its hard to really see the colors of this sandal and it may look incredibly unlike my usual taste, but I think they will show dust less and match everything from browns to blacks.  I was torn between the backless style and the one above, but I decided these have too much versatility to pass up (even if they aren't black).  The double strap is interesting, though.  I've been having trouble getting it at just the right tightness.  I had them cut off the excess cinch strap (almost an inch or so dragged the ground), and now I'm hoping that I didn't need a size seven.  Of course, since I had them trim the strap, I can never return them, so if they don't feel better by next week, I'll go back and at least have them adjust them the correct way.

I figured since Murphy chewed my black pair's toe strap and the fact that soles have holes in them (a technicality that could prevent them from being accepted for resoling), I deserved a new a pair.  Was very tempted, though, to buy a pair of shoes from the new Keen brand.

Maybe something like this:

First, though, I have to find out how I'm going to make money this summer.  The guy from the travel agency is still not big on specifics for his civil war tours.  The park won't start until June, unless for some reason they can start me earlier.  The work at Dr. Sachsman's is already waning and I don't think I'll get any more classes at the Rush. I have considered getting certified for pilates, but I'm afraid that if I go back to the park, I won't have the availability for classes, period.  There is that and my concerned for Murphy during those days that Josh ( or worse the Joshes) has a double and I'm at the park for ten hours.  And finally, I really dread sweating buckets on the mountain this summer.  If it's only May and I'm sweating, what horror awaits me in the summer?

It should be interesting and very busy.

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Irishalias [userpic]

The 300 was amazing...Spartans are hot and muscley...and Gerard Butler makes a very impressive Leonidas.

Well, it's official.  I'm going to officially be a Mizzou Tiger next fall. 

You know what's also official?  My damn computer has somehow forgotten or deleted my camera's drivers...and of course my camera is ticked off and refuses to talk to my computer anymore.  Otherwise, I'd post a picture of my now fluffless pup.  That's right, we shaved Murphy down a few inches to relieve some of his heat anxiety.  He's oblivious.

Now, back to my camera.  I cannot find the photo software CD.  I found its manual and a CD for my Dell DJ...but no camera.  So, I was wonder if you, Jessica, still had your camera's software? I figure if you can use my camera to load pictures on to your computer, then your software would work fine.  Otherwise, I'll be begging Tangee to lend me her CD.  If any of you smarties out there are laughing at me because you know what I should really be doing, please let me in on the joke. 

To continue the randomness of this entry.  I bought new pants today.  March has been hell on my wardrobe.  The power slide I took in front of UPD ripped a hole in my jeans, yesterday a button in another pair made it clear that it was dangerously close to liberating itself, and my chacos are dead shoes walking.  I look forward to being able to afford a pseudo-professional wardrobe someday. 

An announcement for Chattanoogans: starting Tuesday 20th, I'll be giving free yoga classes at the Spiral Lady (a New Age store) on Hixson Pike.  Starting that Tuesday at 7:30 (and the 6-7 Tuesdays afterwards), I'll begin to fulfill my community service requirement for a paper certification.   The lady who owns the space has requested a donation or purchase if you come a lot, but it wouldn't be hard to make a purchase because she has very reasonable prices.   Don't come, however, if you don't like pagans because from what I am to understand most of her customers and comrades via listservs are pagans/wicca. 
My life just gets more and more intersting.

Well, enough of this chatter...must retire.

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Irishalias [userpic]

We all have those moments when we lapse in brain power and make silly mistakes.  We can only  hope, though, that those mistakes have no real impact on our lives.  

Let's hope that the fact that I apparently misspelled Britain on three of my six grad school applications won't be the cause of one of those incredibly unfair consequences of what is so rudely termed as a "blonde moment."  People proofread this, dammit!  

Eh, one year out of school and I become academically embarrassing.  Ugh. 

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Irishalias [userpic]

Ah, Wednesday...what have you done for me lately? Yeah, didn't think so.

Have decided the sheer amount of work and social obligations that I have in the next couple of weeks will require desperate measures. Because of my procrastinating nature over the last two months, and the fact that I've dropped liquid caffeine cold-turkey, I've decided to LEND my soul to the powers that be in return for a tad more motivation, endurance, and creativity. It's a good soul, hardly tarnished. Undoubtedly fit for whatever soul searchers need. Please don't make me beg.

Of course, once these pesky health problems are cleared up, I cannot guarantee that I will not go triapsing back to caffeine, he's a charming bastard.

Tonight, Wednesday, you'll do something for me and help me whittle down my course load.

And by the way, November, what the freak is wrong with you? Your impotency is alarming; it's almost balmy out there! Perk up...what happen to that crisp, sarcastic bite you once wielded so well? Hey, I like comfy weather with the best of them, but this is just darn creepy!
See to it at once!

Feeling particularly totalitarian, today.

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Irishalias [userpic]

The past couple days has brought it to my attention, AGAIN, that it sucks to be a girl. I should have been a boy or a droid, even. I'm pretty sure my femininity card has already expired or been revoked and the rest of the equipment is just sitting around getting dusty. Seems a bit of a waste at times.

So, I'd like to trade in my 1982 model for something a little less problematic. Everything would be as it should be, easy to maintain, nothing out of line. I feel like I've discovered that some contraption I've kept in my attic for years, unused, has suddenly begun to break. It's really not fair.

But for now, I'll make due with what I have got, which appears to be in ok, if somewhat cantakerous, working order.

Now, I'm going to go back to bed, snuggle in my blankets, and maybe cry a little. Is that a cuddle craving I feel? Damn.

"If there was a better way to go then it would find me
I can't help it, the road just rolls out behind me
Be kind to me, or treat me mean
I'll make the most of it, I'm an extraordinary machine"

--"Extraordinary Machine"- Fiona Apple--

(If you're any fan of Fiona Apple, flock to her new record! FLOCK!!)

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Current Music: Fiona Apple--all three albums
Irishalias [userpic]

I wasn't going to post any quizzes, but this particular result just amused me...

<td align="center">You are most attracted to Tetris shapes

You are not really into thinking Nintendo characters are hot. But you are damn addicted to finding a place for all of those shapes…innuendo anyone?

Take this quiz at QuizUniverse.com</td>

I've been found out.

Yeah, I thought Loki was a good name when i suggested it for Corrine's new kitten. Little did I realize how seriously he would take his new calling. That cat is driving me INSANE!! He kept trying to trip me and jump on my back while I was making chili. Later I had to pull his head out of the garbage can and keep him from tearing the trash bag to shreds. I'm also finding various scratches across my body that I assume are his doing. (glare)

Suppose I should do some homework...blah. Maybe I'll just clean the apartment, as it certainly needs it after that party. Trash,leaves, boa feathers, random pieces of abandoned costumes are littered about the apartment. I think the shindig went over well. Our seven deadly sins idea was fun. I think Corrine and Jessica's costumes were the epitome of their characters. And Amanda's envy costume was super cute. Shana's costume was amazing and I got to see Tangee!! Finally got rid of that pitchfork that has been in our apartment for months...a suprising bonus!
Did not, however, come out the victor. I think some combination of antagonists...stress, pizza, alcohol, and more stress...annihilated my stomach or some nearby vital organ. Sunday's cuisine included six friendly stomach tablets, some bacteria-filled yogurt, and bites of garlic bread. Yesterday, wasn't much better...but had an unfriendly test for dessert. I really can't wait until this semester is over and I can just sit in a corner and drool. Drool.

Oh, yeah, and had a birthday. Feels weird to say that since I don't really feel like I had a birthday. But as I took a quiz yesterday, I had to admit it and check the next age range up. When my grandma called she thought I was only 21...old I am, now. 23? Nah, no big deal. The mid-twenties are such ambiguous years, anyway.

Okay, to be productive in some manner or another!
(or maybe I'll just take a nap)

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Irishalias [userpic]

Movie Thingie

1. Pick 15 films you love/thoroughly enjoyed.
2. Find screen captures (stills) for each film, preferably from scenes you like. If you can't find a still, pick a new movie. Post them.
3. Let your friendlist guess what movie each still is from, but without googling it.

I didn't get all the exact stills I wanted and I tried to pick movies no one else had picked, so that limited my results as well.  Most of them should be gimmies.

MoviesCollapse )

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Irishalias [userpic]

Huh, it's cold in here. I'm not sure I've thawed out since Saturday at the Park. I don't think the apartment is that cold; my body apparently is having trouble equalizing its temperature. Well, it's Monday of Fall break and I've been pathetically unproductive. I realize that this is usually the purpose of fall break, but I thought I might be able to use this time wisely so as to prevent any meltdowns in the next month. Silly me!

Instead I have watched too much TV, played pool, slept, and found ways to avoid Sunshine, our loveable cat. Mainly because last night he spit in my eye...See, he drools, a lot, and when he was on my lap he shook his head and before I could block, I was hit. Ugh. Cat Spit. I guess it's good to say that my eyes are not allergic to cat spit! Pool was fun...I win my fair share and scratch more than should be allowed. The boys blame all my results on the uterus, though. Sometimes you just can't win.

Did finish a book on the English Reformations; interesting thesis, but one that could have been said in about five pages...not 300. Also completed my readings for Women's Psy. I have officially read every chapter in that book. Was amused by the name of a Cherokee Chief...Wilma Mankiller. Finished the Sexual Abuse chapter and barely contained the urge to rampage at the unfairness of it all. All the statistics and accounts are more than disturbing. It reminds me, though, that everyone, especially women, should rent and see Iron Jawed Angels. This HBO production relates the story of the NWP(National Women's Party) and the fight for suffrage. It's very well done. It made me wish I was living in those times just so I could join the group and picket Washington. Grrr.

I also got my birthday present from my parents today (which is kind of ironic since we appear to not be talking right now). My new Dell DJ has been charged and loaded with music. Makes me realize, however, that I need more music. Slowly, I'll have to rectify that problem. While it was uploading music, I took a wonderful nap with lots of dreams. Through out most of the dream, though, I was asleep. Yep, dreamt that I was asleep. It's actually a very comforting and enjoyable way to spend your REM stage. You get to actually appreciate being asleep, feeling all warm, and snuggled in a blanket. Hearing and half seeing dream people walk in and out of the room...weird, but enjoyable just the same.

Hey, Courtney, did you know that Jenny Denver was at LSU right now? I know she was in honors, maybe close to your class.

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