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December 2008
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Irishalias [userpic]

Josh and I got new Chacos this afternoon!


Yea, Chacos.  Mine were dead and shall only be worn now around the house and to the dog park.

But here are my new chacos!

Although its hard to really see the colors of this sandal and it may look incredibly unlike my usual taste, but I think they will show dust less and match everything from browns to blacks.  I was torn between the backless style and the one above, but I decided these have too much versatility to pass up (even if they aren't black).  The double strap is interesting, though.  I've been having trouble getting it at just the right tightness.  I had them cut off the excess cinch strap (almost an inch or so dragged the ground), and now I'm hoping that I didn't need a size seven.  Of course, since I had them trim the strap, I can never return them, so if they don't feel better by next week, I'll go back and at least have them adjust them the correct way.

I figured since Murphy chewed my black pair's toe strap and the fact that soles have holes in them (a technicality that could prevent them from being accepted for resoling), I deserved a new a pair.  Was very tempted, though, to buy a pair of shoes from the new Keen brand.

Maybe something like this:

First, though, I have to find out how I'm going to make money this summer.  The guy from the travel agency is still not big on specifics for his civil war tours.  The park won't start until June, unless for some reason they can start me earlier.  The work at Dr. Sachsman's is already waning and I don't think I'll get any more classes at the Rush. I have considered getting certified for pilates, but I'm afraid that if I go back to the park, I won't have the availability for classes, period.  There is that and my concerned for Murphy during those days that Josh ( or worse the Joshes) has a double and I'm at the park for ten hours.  And finally, I really dread sweating buckets on the mountain this summer.  If it's only May and I'm sweating, what horror awaits me in the summer?

It should be interesting and very busy.

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New chacos! YAY!!

I really love the look of the double straps. Course I am a backless girl all the way. Sigh. I wish I could win the lottery, then I'd have lots and lots of chacos in all colors and styles. It'd be awesome.

I got new espadrilles today. And new boots that were only FIVE DOLLARS. Kohl's is very, very cool.


I like all the new shoes!!! Very cute!

Re: Chacos

Thank you...sorry you don't feel well. I wish you a speedy recovery from the jack incident.


Don't you hate the toe strap? Mine always make my big toe cramp and I want to die.

the double strap chaco can become a little too tight on the toes, but the single strap chacos I wore into the ground. Mmmm Chacos...