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December 2008
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Irishalias [userpic]
Spartans, Yum!!

The 300 was amazing...Spartans are hot and muscley...and Gerard Butler makes a very impressive Leonidas.

Well, it's official.  I'm going to officially be a Mizzou Tiger next fall. 

You know what's also official?  My damn computer has somehow forgotten or deleted my camera's drivers...and of course my camera is ticked off and refuses to talk to my computer anymore.  Otherwise, I'd post a picture of my now fluffless pup.  That's right, we shaved Murphy down a few inches to relieve some of his heat anxiety.  He's oblivious.

Now, back to my camera.  I cannot find the photo software CD.  I found its manual and a CD for my Dell DJ...but no camera.  So, I was wonder if you, Jessica, still had your camera's software? I figure if you can use my camera to load pictures on to your computer, then your software would work fine.  Otherwise, I'll be begging Tangee to lend me her CD.  If any of you smarties out there are laughing at me because you know what I should really be doing, please let me in on the joke. 

To continue the randomness of this entry.  I bought new pants today.  March has been hell on my wardrobe.  The power slide I took in front of UPD ripped a hole in my jeans, yesterday a button in another pair made it clear that it was dangerously close to liberating itself, and my chacos are dead shoes walking.  I look forward to being able to afford a pseudo-professional wardrobe someday. 

An announcement for Chattanoogans: starting Tuesday 20th, I'll be giving free yoga classes at the Spiral Lady (a New Age store) on Hixson Pike.  Starting that Tuesday at 7:30 (and the 6-7 Tuesdays afterwards), I'll begin to fulfill my community service requirement for a paper certification.   The lady who owns the space has requested a donation or purchase if you come a lot, but it wouldn't be hard to make a purchase because she has very reasonable prices.   Don't come, however, if you don't like pagans because from what I am to understand most of her customers and comrades via listservs are pagans/wicca. 
My life just gets more and more intersting.

Well, enough of this chatter...must retire.

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will we see you here on friday? hope so!
also, yay for school!

Tigers are AWESOME!!

I'm thinking I'm going to need to have my chacos restrung. They aren't that old, but when you live somewhere where you can (and therefore do) where them ten months out of the year...


Get them restrung/resoled sooner than later; a co-worker informed me that they won't resole chacos with hole's in the sole or tears.

Be forewarned!

Re: Chacos

Tears in the the webbing? Cause on the website it says if your dog eats them, they'll restring them and I'm pretty sure that doggie teeth would tear the things. Hmmmm. I'll have to look into this more.

Re: Chacos

Restringing is one thing, but if you are concerned about the soles, you might want to consider resoling them soon, too. I heard they wont RESOLE them if the sole has holes or tears in it.

Re: Chacos

Ah, I was wondering if that was what you meant, but I just wanted to clarify. (And I'm realizing how much of a damn librarian I am cause I was about to compare it to a reference interview. BLARG!)

Well, my soles are fine and dandy, it's just the strings that are starting to fray. It'd be nice if they could make it until Winter time again, but they might snap before then. We shall see!